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Happy 3:19 a.m.

07 Apr
Happy 3:19 a.m.

Today’s work is now behind me. On to tomorrow. And hey, if I don’t take any time to eat, sleep or breathe, I may even be able to tighten up the lyrics and melody for Mr. Dan Sorensen’s phatty phat drum track. Hmmmmm…

The rise of Babylon

02 Apr
rosanne raneri does haverly and thomas

Legend has it that when Otis Redding first heard Aretha Franklin sing his song “Respect,” he said (admiringly): “That girl stole my song!” And as much of a genius as Mr. Redding was, he was right. After all, what percentage of America knows that Redding wrote it and had a hit with it first? Well, […]

Seven-year itch

31 Mar
jonathan bright

A little background for ya: Seven years ago in this very room (Tess’ crib), singer-songwriter Jonathan Bright broke a string in the middle of a song, bringing his set to an abrupt end. It was one of his last local performances. So, here he is tonight, finishing that song. And here’s to more. Peace y’all, […]

Meet the Super Friends

13 Mar
Meet the Super Friends

We begin the evening with that fine photogenic fellow John Powhida and his merry band of Rudds. Meanwhile, upstairs, Frank and Seamus get ready to document the rock for Super 400’s forthcoming live album. Would you believe this room – second floor of Tess’ Lark Tavern – was the set for the Babylon video? At […]