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'Delaware and Hudson line…'

12 May
'Delaware and Hudson line...'

Cindy treated to din-din at Jack’s tonight. For some reason (hint, cough, hint). So right now we’re walking back to the car through sleepy Wednesday night downtown Albany. The Egg, The Schmegg: D+H gets our vote for Albany’s coolest building. Also: one day later and I woulda matched the cat who wrote this for Sheila […]

A brief escape…

08 Apr
fluttr effect

Thank the Lord for the concept of early shows: I managed to break away tonight to catch Fluttr Effect, who happened to be playing an early show downtown. Great set y’all… sorry I had to bust out without saying goodbye. And now, back to work.

And what NOT to watch…

07 Apr
funeral guide courtesy usa today

Man. After a nice run of front page coverage of what’s really going on in Iraq, this morning USA Today goes back to earning the title of McPaper with this crass little tease box. A funeral “guide?” “Full page graphic?” “How and what to watch?” They make it sound like a sporting event. I’m afraid […]