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The revolution starts now

08 Mar
The revolution starts now

Armed with his dad’s jacket, his dad’s poem “Save It” and two noisemakers, Noah Nattell offered a joyful tribute to his father at last weekend’s “Memorial Circus” celebrating the late Albany poet-activist Tom Nattell. The event took place at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Center Square. At the end of the evening, I joined Michael […]

'We've destroyed your homes; please keep buying our liquor.'

27 Feb
'We've destroyed your homes; please keep buying our liquor.'

In Georgia this week visiting family, I’m absolutely haunted by the Macon Telegraph’s front page before and after pictures of Macon’s long-lost, poverty-stricken, African-American community of Tybee. In the first shot, taken in the 1950s, shacks surround a landmark coal chute. In the second shot, taken in 2005, the coal chute still stands, but thanks […]

The last 25 minutes of the flight…

25 Feb
The last 25 minutes of the flight...

The last 25 minutes were the worst part of the flight. She was crying, kicking, screaming. But here she is not even one minute after we touched down. Still braking on the runway, her head falls on my lap and she’s out cold. “No she didn’t wait until NOW to fall asleep,” said the woman […]