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Lights, camera…

18 Jul
kamikaze hearts

…action. After an embarassing 10 month hiatus, the webcam is back. With June pix from dueling shows of the Kamikaze Hearts at Lark Tavern and Nicole Peyrafitte at Justin’s. Plus some belated shots from the Utah trip back in October 2005.

What happened in Vegas…

17 Jul
Hiking in Utah

… actually happened in Utah. So, um, here’s those “more pics” I promised 10 effin months ago. The Killers played a set outside of our hotel room at the Hard Rock that night. I spent an all-nighter finishing up the move before I’d gotten on the plane that morning, so all I wanted to do […]

Greetings from Ghost Bar, Las Vegas

08 Oct
Vegas skyline view from Skybar

Vegas is like Disney. The difference is that Vegas knows it’s evil. And yo, Palms: if someone like little-ol’-me can cruise to the front of your VIP line because a friend of a friend of a friend knows somebody, you may need to rethink your filter. Mo’ pics to come.

Watchful eyes

13 Aug
By G.C. Haymes and Sara Ayers

Music by Mother Judge. Watchful eyes by Michael Eck. Music by Kevin McKrell. Watchful eyes by Kevin McKrell. Music by Mother Judge. Scream by Michael Eck. Skulls of the fallen by G.C. Haymes. The Reno Brothers showing at <a href="" target="_parent”>Firlefanz Gallery runs through August 20. Closing performance on the 20th begins at 8 p.m.