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518 SONGFEST: Feb. 27 at the Egg

15 Feb

Not only will you hear great music from four of the top songwriters in the Capital Area – Bryan Thomas, Ashley Sofia, Benjamin John, and Rhiannons Lark (feat. Alyssa Yeager) -but you’ll also get to learn about their career, their music, and their journey as songwriters.

“Heroes” by David Bowie (clip)

18 Jan
bowie thumbnail

This is a clip of Bowie’s “Heroes” from Saturday night’s show at the Linda. Half the reason I bought this guitar and the looper three years ago was so I could cover this song live. Thanks to everyone who came out – and as the perfect companion piece to my anecdotal first memory of Bowie […]

VIDEO: “Bigger”

17 Sep
bigger video guitar

This is the new music video for Albany, New York soul rocker Bryan Thomas’ song “Bigger”. The home brew video shows Thomas recording the song during an all-night session in his tiny basement studio. Vocals, guitars and bass were recorded live in front of the camera in a single take for each track. The video […]

VIDEO: ‘Better’ Parts 1 and 2

28 Nov

One song. Two versions. Two videos. BETTER – Part One Blerd Youth’s ‘Sucking of Your Soul’ Mix I was writing a song over the summer. A voice in my head kept taunting me, telling me that the song was stupid and irrelevant, that I was writing the way people wrote songs 30 years ago. Dinosaur. You […]