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'I don't want to see you again'

03 Aug
tess and bryan

Tess gets the last word in today’s Times Union: [Tess] Collins, the refreshingly blunt owner of Tess’ Lark Tavern in Albany, cares deeply for her customers; she loves to make them happy with food and drink. She’s liberal with beverage rounds on the house, has used past customer complaints as suggestions to improve business and […]

Babylon behind the scenes – and Jennifer?

22 Apr
filmstrip babylon video

They’re here: behind the scenes clips from the set of the ‘Babylon’ video. Nothing Earth-shattering, mind you – Hearts of Darkness it ain’t – but it should give you a good sense of what went down in Tess’ attic that day. Now how much would you pay? But wait – there’s more! In video-capture mode […]