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14 Oct

What am I doing these days?

1) As you may have heard, the old web host shit the bed. It’s back in action now – with a new look no less. TheHiddenCity.com is back, too, although it’s overdue for spit shine. No doubt.

2) I’ve been teaching myself Logic by recording and re-recording and re-re-recording the same two songs over and over and over again. Here’s a loop.

There are several iPhone/FourTrack demos in the can, waiting to be realized, but I’ve come to loathe working on songs piecemeal. If I can free up a block of time in the schedule, I’ll hit ’em up and try to do them justice, hopefully before year’s end.

3) Gigwise: the Nona show in Schenectady and the Joni show in New Orleans were well-documented in this space and on the Facebooks and the Twitters. But you probably don’t know that just the other day I sang Stevie Wonder’s “Heaven Help Us All” to help the Labor Religion Coalition of New York State celebrate its 30th anniversary. I have no business singing Stevie Wonder songs.

4) Like getting lost in an old photo album while packing for a big move, I found myself going over old blog posts in moving to the new host, and was reminded that I used to blog quite a bit on current events. But not so much lately. I’m too disgusted lately. I can’t even watch the Daily Show it’s so bad. Jon Stewart calling out American idiocy with such biting humor used to be a favorite, but at some point this year the comedy, for me, devolved into tragedy. As they say, Comedy = Tragedy + Distance and Time, but unfortunately distance is here and time is now. Hopefully I can do my part to fight the stupid come Nov. 2. But until then, I’ll be detoxing from silly news coverage of the anger and the opinions and the misinformation and the stupidity and trying to focus on things that are much more important.

5) Like this:

Cheers, y’all.


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