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Thanks, Tess

06 May

Tess let us take over the Lark Tavern Labor Day weekend of 2005 to shoot the music video for “Babylon.” What did she charge us? Nothing. Nada. Zilcho. And she fed us, too. So this was the video thank-you card we created at the end of the shoot. In the wake of this morning’s fire, […]

The Coolest 11-Year-Old on the Planet

29 Jun

A few of my favorite Mike moments, in no particular order. Sh’mon. Who’s Lovin’ You?Ed Sullivan Show. 1969. Coolest 11-year-old on the planet. Got to Be There/Brand New ThingHoly crap. Motown audition.James Brown split at 2:20. He was 10. Billie JeanMotown 25th Anniversary. James Brown passes the torch to Mike. And Prince.History on tape. With […]

Odetta Lives

03 Dec
odetta roars and soars

Odetta, Voice of Civil Rights Movement, Dies at 77. New York Times. Rosa Parks, the woman who started the boycott of segregated buses in Montgomery, Ala., was once asked which songs meant the most to her. She replied, “All of the songs Odetta sings.” Odetta sang at the march on Washington, a pivotal event in […]