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Preview the new record… now

15 Sep
1369 Lights

UPDATE: Sending big, big thanks to EXT and AOA and Metroland and CRUMBS for the mentions. More info on partnerships with WEXT and CRUMBS to come – stay tuned. They write press releases: ALBANY, NY — (9/15/2008) — In anticipation of a tentative Halloween official release date, Albany-based soul rock singer songwriter Bryan Thomas has […]

Making the Band

07 Sep

The record is 1369 Lights. The band is the Buggy Jive. The Buggy Jive is: BT: lead vox, acoustic guitar JENNIFER: electric guitar CLEOPATRA JOANZ: bass guitar LADY MAC: snare, hi-hat, kick drum, tin can You’ll get to meet the band – and hear the band – soon enough. Here’s the track list: 1369 Lights […]

Buggy jiving

18 Aug
on the bass and leopard skin... cleopatra jones

In a couple of weeks you will get to meet the new band. Some hints, courtesy artists more wise than I: Jed Davis I decided to go with a band name for my next project, the essentially solo Congregation Of Vapors. Only problem was that “The Congregation Of Vapors” is a mile long and almost […]

Ebony and ivory

31 Jul
Ebony and ivory

… and a brief excursion out of the hole yesterday for some piano. Recorded on three tracks, but I’m only digging it on one. And so it goes. I was mostly done with recording by Monday night. Since then I’ve just been just tweaking the mixes. The only delay on recording the piano was finding […]

The Creative Process: 'City'

28 Jul
the studio

1. Improv with Zoe 7-19-2008 Zoe ambushed me while I was trying to rehearse for the show in Washington Park with MotherJudge. So we started a little freestyling. No real words, just nonsense to support the melody. Cool for a while, but by the time I turned the recorder on to capture it, she was […]

'My hole is warm and full of light'

28 Jul
the studio

I’m happily rockin’ the dinosaur digital workstation in an undisclosed location in Delmar. The recording is going more quickly than I’d imagined. I even came up with a brand new song this weekend – “City” – and start to finish, it’s all done. Did I mention that even with a faux kit I’m the world’s […]