Ebony and ivory

31 Jul

… and a brief excursion out of the hole yesterday for some piano. Recorded on three tracks, but I’m only digging it on one. And so it goes.

I was mostly done with recording by Monday night. Since then I’ve just been just tweaking the mixes. The only delay on recording the piano was finding a moment for certain loud little girls to be out of the house. The clock was ticking: when opportunity finally knocked, I had only about 90 minutes to get it all set up and recorded. And so it goes.

When first conceived I thought sonically this collection of songs would have more of a hip-hop soundscape and sensibility, particularly after having my ass kicked by Meshell and Erykah’s records this year. But in the end these tracks are more Telecaster driven, rounded out with bass guitar and the minimalist drum kit – more rock soul than soul rock. Go with what you know, I guess. And so it goes.

(I’m anticipating the moment when a real drummer will hear these tracks and politely inform me that they are a greater insult to drumming than any of the drum machine sequencing on the previous records.)

Deep thought

I sold, like, five copies of the last record. Does anyone out there have any idea why am I doing this again?

And so it goes.