Exit Dome 4 is Jan. 29

06 Dec
Local 518 Benefit Concert

Local 518 Benefit Concert

Yes, it’s time for EXIT DOME 4 – another celebration of music and mayhem in the Local 518 (fourth in a series) this time featuring Que Caro, Chris Carey and his band the Rodeo Barons, Nancy Walker, Slender Shoulders, the mother effin’ Charlie Watts Riots and holy crap it’s Phantogram.

I am proud to be your lobby entertainment for the evening. Gotta donate to get in on the fun.

And by the way: I’m looking for an endgame to the handful of songs I’ve been tinkering with in the newly spit-shined basement music space. Can I squeeze out a little 5-song EP project in time for the show? Stay tuned, Mouseketeers.

UPDATE January 9: New music, indeed, Looks like Exit Dome 4 will be a CD release party after all. I am approaching the finish line. So you’ll hear it. Soon.

UPDATE: January 11: Here it is. “Reunion,” is free, the whole thing is a $5 download, and CDs will first be available Jan 29 at Ye Olde Exit Dome. See ya there?


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