Press and stuffs and thangs…

30 Oct

Where the funk at?

Bryan Thomas, Ten 27 Push the Musical Envelope
“With ‘One Three Six Nine Lights,’ [Thomas] rocks harder than on any of his previous five albums, all of which are first-rate. With Prince as his primary musical touchstone, Thomas’ uncompromising songs are specifically local, yet gloriously global. He writes smart, and he writes from the heart, balancing intellect, passion and politics.” – Greg Haymes, Times Union

Bryan Thomas Knows Where the Funk Is
“We recently bounced a few questions Bryan’s way (that would be toward Delmar). He emailed answers back about finding the funk at pre-school soccer games, why he name-checks local places in his songs so often, and what he thinks is the best-kept secret about the Capital Region.” –

CRUMBS Nite Out at the Linda Rebooted into a Networking Radio Show
“The new format kicks off Thursday October 30th at 7pm with a performance by Bryan Thomas and a panel of the regions top music crtics David Malachowski (Times Union), Michael Eck (Times Union), Josh Potter (Metroland), John Brodeur (Metroland), Jeremy Goodwin (Berkshire Eagle), Seth Rogovoy (Berkshire Living).” – Mike Guzzo,

Local 518 Concert – date and artists announced!
“Support the music on WEXT and get a pair of tickets to a Local 518 concert. It’s exclusive to members of the station who support the station now. (Click here to do so.) The date: January 30, 2009 The location: WMHT-TV studios (WEXT is inside the same building!), 4 Global View, Troy, NY. Who’s announced? Sarah Pedinotti’s band Railbird! And the one and only Bryan Thomas! We hope to announce more bands soon!”

P.S. The new album 1369 Lights drops TOMORROW…