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The Party is On

28 Jun
The Party is On

[Photo by Luanne Ferris appears courtesy of the Times Union.] There’s a party going on at Tess’Every Wednesday nightOf the “Best of” hers is The BestestMother Judge’s Open Mic That’s right: we’re celebrating all things MotherJudge for the Times Union’s “Best of the Capital Region” 2007 edition. Videos here. In good company. (Why do I […]

There's a party going on this Thursday…

25 Jun
There's a party going on this Thursday...

…about the party going on every Wednesday. And that’s all that Yours Truly – a crazy hair, four-eyes, brace-face, big black behind havin’, semi-retired from the music so-called business, thirty-somethin’ somethin’ pushing forty, union webmaster by day, husband and daddy by night who’s chilling cold chilling free to be put in a cage livin’ in […]

It's all about the bug

05 Jun
the bug

Some idiot vandalizes Erin’s Volkswagen bug on the streets of Albany, and local singer-songwriters band together at Savannah’s to help raise some cold hard cash so she can hit the road and spread the word about how stupid homophobia is. And TheHiddenCity has the pix. Peace y’all. And don’t be stupid. B.