More on the Sugarcookie project…

09 Jan

sugarcookie listening party

Now you can buy it.

And something I may not have made clear in the previous post: none of the songwriters involved altered the beats Dan gave us.

That means no cutting and pasting his drum tracks to make them fit to the music and lyrics we were writing and recording. The challenge was to write and record the song based on the structure he had already laid down – highs and lows and stops and starts and fills and breakdowns and all.

Yet none of the songs sound like they were forced to fit the beat.

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out at the official site, or stream the audio tracks at the MySpace thing that all the kids are doing these days.

Ironically, I think Troy has the coolest track on the record.

And yes, I’m pretty damn “Jealous.”

Big ups to Big Dan and everyone else involved.