Good stuff from the Kamikaze Hearts…

17 Nov

Proving that all is becoming right in the world, first President Bush loses his rubber stamp Congress – and now this news in from the heartbreakers in the Kamikaze Hearts:

kamikaze hearts metrolandWe’d like to announce that we recently signed a three album record deal with One Little Indian Records for the UK and the rest of the world (excluding the U.S. and Canada)! One Little Indian has been the home to The Sugarcubes, Bjork, Rocket From the Crypt (UK only), Pernice Brothers (UK only) and The Twilight Singers and whose lineup boasts a huge variety of musicians. We are looking forward to working with this amazing label who has wholly supported their artists’ endeavors for over 21 years. One Little Indian will release “Oneida Road” in the UK sometime in March 2007, with a bonus song or two. If sales go well, there will be opportunities for touring, promotions, TV appearances, etc. Sounds fun, yes?

This week, we (dis)grace the cover of Metroland magazine -> visit here to read a great article written by John Rodat, revealing plenty of juicy inside stories, and bringing a thoughtful, patient eye to our little Kamikaze Hearts world.

Which reminds me: I meant to post my butchering of Mr. Pohl’s ‘Tornadoes’ on the podcast page.

Let me get on that.

Until then… congrats y’all.


UPDATE: Here it is, from the recent Why Can’t I Be You show: Tornadoes.mp3. Enjoy.

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