Video killed the radio star

31 Mar

Radio star.

Yeah, right.

How about the “only in his tiny little mind” star?

Anyhoo, this just in from Mr. Liss.

From: cliss@bane-of-bryan’
Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2005 12:39 PM
Subject: “Babylon” is Finished! And it’s great!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I just wanted to send word that Nate and I recieved the final edit of Bryan Thomas’ “Babylon” video from the post-production house in NYC.

We are more than pleased; we are thrilled with the final piece. Scott’s editing efforts were certainly worth the wait.

Where I derive the greatest satisfaction is that everyone’s talents are clearly present, from Gina’s set design to Dan and Jonesy’s lighting work. It was a truly collaborative effort, all of which has finally been rewarded.

Bryan isn’t too bad, either. ;^)

Nate and I are creating a version that carries a credit roll at the end; this is what we want to send out to you. A few people (i.e., Bryan Thomas, Matt Fabiano) will be getting the current version ASAP, for obvious reasons.

Please send me any change in addresses so that your copy is sent to the correct location.

I can’t thank you all enough for your time and patience. I hope all is well with your lives.


Carl W. Liss

Also: see if you can guess the name of the Albany poetry queen who dropped me this note this morning.

P.S. Tess wants to have a party for you and the video. I heard you protested. Give it up, you can’t fight both of us. Let us do this for you or while she is putting a curse on you, I will be beating your narrow ass. K? Love ya…

To which I reply: