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Lights, camera…

18 Jul
kamikaze hearts

…action. After an embarassing 10 month hiatus, the webcam is back. With June pix from dueling shows of the Kamikaze Hearts at Lark Tavern and Nicole Peyrafitte at Justin’s. Plus some belated shots from the Utah trip back in October 2005.

Happy New Year

19 Jan

Did I mention that yet? I s’pose not. So there you go. New stuff is coming in February, including two shows: a late-nite set February 3 in New York City, and Valentine’s Day at (where else?) Valentine’s in Albany. Both very different, but very cool gigs. The kind of themed, mix-it-up gig I really dig […]

The Business Review

17 Oct

From the Oct. 17 edition: It’s hard to imagine an artist more prepared for the evolving nature of the music industry than Bryan Thomas. The singer, songwriter, who works for New York State United Teachers by day, has used a variety of talents, from online business savvy to his design skills creating Web sites, and […]

Rockers and fashionistas

29 Sep
Rockers and fashionistas

Did someone at Metroland hear my whining about not having a pic (again!) on the Hidden City web site? Now I feel stupid. From this week’s Metroland. Photo Credit: Chris Shields. FASHION ROCKS. Saturday night (Sept. 24) at the Lark Tavern saw the blending of two worlds: the rockers and the fashionistas (we’re guessing it […]

Fashionably rebellious

26 Sep

TheHiddenCity has photos up from this weekend’s Fashion Rock show at Tess’ Lark Tavern in Albany and the Hanslick Rebellion reunion show at CBGB’s in New York City. You should see them. At Tess’ insistance, we showed the Babylon music video as a warm up for the Fashion Rock show – but better yet, later […]

'I don't want to see you again'

03 Aug
tess and bryan

Tess gets the last word in today’s Times Union: [Tess] Collins, the refreshingly blunt owner of Tess’ Lark Tavern in Albany, cares deeply for her customers; she loves to make them happy with food and drink. She’s liberal with beverage rounds on the house, has used past customer complaints as suggestions to improve business and […]

Box of rock

15 Jul
Spy Love Box album cover

Acoustic soul rock, that is. Here are the liner notes. Spy Love Box.The Babylon B-Sides. 1. Spy (4:23)2. Love (American Style) (3:33)3. Box (5:33)4. Harder (6:09)5. Beatitude (5:28)6. Julia (8:48)7. Babylon (reprise) (2:21) All songs by Bryan Thomas copyright 2004, 2005 Radical Plastical Music. This collection of bootleg demos recorded in Bryan’s bedroom is the […]

Opening Pandora's spy love box…

25 Jun
Spy Love Box

That’s right. SPY LOVE BOX gets an official release July 30. Really. I’ll elaborate here in the coming weeks about why I’ve given up on the concept of “online-only” (for this record, anyway). For now, let’s just say that I’ve found a way to do both. A happy compromise. So be at the Lark on […]

An evening with the Rudds, in pictures

13 Jun
BT and J-Po

Photo documentation of the Abbey Lounge fun is all at the webcam right about now. Thanks to the Fluttr Effect friends for the flowers, Mercy James Gang for the CD and laughs, Thirsty for pushin’ me, Carl for making things easy (once again), and to J-Po for rockin’ my rock world. Johnny slipped me a […]