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Julia got back

30 Mar
Winston and Julia embrace.

It’s official. I’m the worst audio engineer on the planet. Julia hides in plain sight. She’s rough. Prole-like, even. (But don’t tell her that. She’ll cut you.) She’s also a bit bottom heavy. But that ain’t necessarily a bad thing. And she’ll never be as bottom heavy as Jennifer. (See ya at Why Can’t I […]

Piano 1, Bryan 0.

28 Mar
broken glasses on bass

Still no glasses. Headed to Dr. TJ Eckleburg’s today though for the hookup, thanks. I posted MP3’s of what I hope are the final mixes for the new song “Out,” which I wrote and recorded last week for my brother Jason’s new short flick In the Alley. They’re for Jason’s ears only – unless you […]

In the works…

23 Mar
Jason stares down a gun.

The bad news: my glasses snapped in two last week. Still haven’t had a chance to replace them. Busy busy busy. Put out his eyes. Apologise. The good news: thanks to a lot of late night sessions in the home studio, the new song ‘Julia’ is almost done. Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, a simple […]

To release or not to release

23 Mar
To release or not to release

That is the question. After much toying with the idea of an official CD release of Spy Love Box – and even after the rush and satisfaction and sense of closure that’s come with recording ‘Julia’ as the final track on the project – I’m back in the “it’s only available for download” camp. Feels […]

On the plate, of late

03 Mar
On the plate, of late

I know the listing on the “Shows” page is a little slim. As in no nada nuthin’. But there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Here’s what I’ll be working on the next few weeks: Recording the final two songs for the “Spy Love Box” EP; Inventing some songs to layer on top of […]