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Tom Nattell: A 'Simple Life'

02 Feb
Tom Nattell: A 'Simple Life'

Tributes to Albany activist and wordsmith Tom Nattell are online at and He died Jan. 31 after a bout with cancer. An amazing guy, and a vital part of the Albany arts community. The Tom Nattell Memorial Circus will be held March 5, 2005 at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, 262 State St., Albany, […]

Tsunami blog….

28 Jan
Tsunami blog....

I usually make every effort to keep the day job separate from the arts and music world, but I encourage you to check out a blog I set up recently for NYSUT President Tom Hobart, documenting his efforts to help students and teachers in tsunami-ravaged Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

I crap bigger than you…

26 Sep
I crap bigger than you...

This is one of the first pics I took with my new handheld. We were in Philly. The morning after a wedding. Hotel brunch. I was joking that the gentleman at the next table looked exactly like Jack Palance. So I started riffing on bits from “City Slickers.” We were all laughing rather loudly. “I […]