New Tiny Album: ‘How Bigger Was Born’

10 May


Albany soul rocker Bryan Thomas’ new tiny album “How Bigger Was Born” is now available for FREE download.


  1. I Am Not Your Negro
  2. This Is Not a Pipe
  3. Mediocrity
  4. Enough
  5. Bigger

BONUS: The quasi-documentary “How ‘Bigger’ Was Born” will be available for streaming online for a limited time. This rarely-seen short film, produced in late 2015 by Jennifer & Jean-Luc Studios, LLC, documents the songwriting process for the song “Bigger”.


Another tiny album by Bryan Thomas and the Buggy Jive.

released May 11, 2017

BT: Vox, Acoustic Guitar, Stranger in the Village
Jennifer: Lead Guitars, Backing Vox, Everybody’s Protest Novel
Cleopatra Jones: Bass, Backing Vox, Many Thousands Gone
DJ Lady Mac: Beats, Samples, Synths, Backing Vox, Notes of a Native Son

All songs © 2017 by BT except “Bigger” © 2015.

Recorded in a warm hole full of light somewhere in Delmar, NY.

Produced by Dewitt Joe Damseph for WT3 Records.

HOW BIGGER WAS BORN. Copyright 2017 Radical Plastical Music and WT3 Records. All rights reserved.

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