NEW MUSIC: ‘I Am Not Your Negro’

24 Feb

james baldwin

A self-imposed songwriting challenge, in two parts.

Part One: Build a song with just vox, bass guitar and samples (beats/horns/strings). No 6-string guitar allowed.

Part Two: Get inside your head. Go deep.

The result?

“I Am Not Your Negro.”


When was the last time that you were the only one in the room who looked like you?

Did you not see color?
Were you looking for another?
Were you feeling kinda desperate?
Were you looking for the exit?
A victim of your circumstance?
Were you angry?
Were you anxious?
Were you scared?

Or: did you dance?

Let me see you dance.

Did you question their intensions?
Were you on some kind of mission
to make them understand your condition
and the fact of your existence?
Did you take the time to listen?

Or: was it beautiful?

Did you stay until the end?
Did you want to tell your friends?
Did you feel a sense of pride
just for being in the room and alive?

Well: I am not your negro.

baldwin and weiss

If you were the only one who looked like you, who lived like you, who loved like you…

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