In the works…

23 Mar

broken glasses on multi-tracker

The bad news: my glasses snapped in two last week. Still haven’t had a chance to replace them. Busy busy busy. Put out his eyes. Apologise.

Winston and Julia embrace.The good news: thanks to a lot of late night sessions in the home studio, the new song ‘Julia’ is almost done. Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, a simple 4-on-the-floor kick drum, lead vocals and yet another army of backup vox. I’d like to add piano and/or organ, but something is telling me to keep it simple. I’m actually deconstructing the mix for the second movement of the song, when initially I thought I’d be building it up. Uh-huh.

Jason stares down a gun.What’s slowing things down is that I’m simultaneously building a coupla mo’ songs: ‘Out,’ which will serve as the main theme for my brother Jason’s new short flick In the Alley; plus the bad guy theme for the same project; plus the tentatively titled ‘Jealous’ that’s going on top of the drum tracks Dan Sorensen laid down for me a few weeks ago.

And those are just the tunes I’ve actually started multi-tracking. Waiting in the wings is a second drum track from Dan (no lyrics yet but the beginnings of a melody) and a solo-acoustic version of ‘Babylon’ that I think will finally put Spy Love Box to rest.

I have Friday off, and that’s when I plan to finish recording all of this stuff. Especially the piano that drives ‘Out.’ The engineering end of things scares me. Maybe I should say right now that I meant for the piano to sound lo-fi.

So there you have it: I’m gonna try and record it lo-fi. Edge! Grit! Warts and all! I meant for it to sound bad! That makes it good! Indie, even!

Wish me luck.