Piano 1, Bryan 0.

28 Mar

broken glasses on bass

Still no glasses. Headed to Dr. TJ Eckleburg’s today though for the hookup, thanks.

I posted MP3’s of what I hope are the final mixes for the new song “Out,” which I wrote and recorded last week for my brother Jason’s new short flick In the Alley. They’re for Jason’s ears only – unless you can figure out the name of the directory they’re in. Which shouldn’t be too hard. Have fun guessing. (Hint: It’s a top-level directory. And it’s in the alley.)

It was supposed to be a love song. And I guess it is. In as much as a love song can include a line like “When you and me is up and outta here/then we won’t be niggas no more.” In the chorus, no less.

Also: after I tweak the final mix on “Julia” tonight, she’ll be done, too.

Both “Out” and “Julia” should be online for real Friday night. Just in time for “Why Can’t I Be Ye, Three.”

Went through the usual recording hell this weekend to get to the finish line, natch.

For one, I got in a fight with a piano Thursday morning at 3 a.m.

And lost.

broken glasses on bassI also broke a bass string just as I was about to record the line for the evil “Big Man” theme. That turned out to be a happy accident: it forced me completely change what I was going to play, and the result is decidedly more evil. Overdrive overdrive overdrive: it sounds like a broken bass with all that fuzz and buzz.

But while I’m happy with the outcome, there was certainly a lot of fear and sadness when the string first snapped. Indeed.