Radio Plastic Jennifer

The Times Union ‘s Greg Haymes says: “[RADIO PLASTIC JENNIFER] is a dazzling whirlwind of folk-funk, as Thomas tackles love and betrayal, sin and salvation, lollipops and lingerie. The songs are smart, erotically charged and full of heart — an all-too rare combination. ‘Six’ for example, is a dizzying stream-of-consciouness slab of rock-rap with Thomas riffing on everything from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ to ‘The 12 Days of Christmas,’ from mood rings to junk bonds, from Loretta Lynn to Guns ‘N Roses to Danny Partridge. ‘Cycle’ cuts even deeper, a tale of young African-Americans struggling against all odds to survive in a hostile world. An epic emotional rollercoaster of a song, Thomas descends from heartbreaking sorrow to bone-chilling terror before finally grabbing hold of a sliver of hope and redemption in the power of love. By the end of the song, he’s chanting ‘Everything’s gonna be all right,’ as though he can make it so solely through repetition and his sheer passion… Buy the CD… or get out of the house and see what he can do in person. You won’t be disappointed.”


1. Anymore
2. Closer
3. Six
4. Liquefy
5. Tiresias
6. Interview
7. Cycle
8. One-Four
9. Watchtower
10. Smiling
11. Nomo
12. Six (acoustic)
13. Mama

radio plastic jennifer