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Internet killed the video star

20 Apr
Internet killed the video star

The Babylon video should be online in May. I promise. In May. In anticipation, I’ll be posting video clips of behind-the-scenes footage this week. I put together a couple clips late last night: gonzo, voyeur cam night shot footage from the set itself, plus performance footage from the “Shock and Awe” show at Firlefanz Gallery […]

Real? Compared to What?

03 Mar

PS: That article also mentioned Common, and oh, don’t get me started. Common disappointed me big time a couple-few moons ago. While I understand that pimping product is just about the only way for major-label artists to actually see green these days, you don’t have to sell out by bastardizing genius VietNam-era protest songs to […]

The new positivity plan

02 Mar
The new positivity plan

Lightweight articles on pop culture trends are annoying in general. But nothing is more annoying or consistently as ill-informed as the stupid article on trends in hip-hop “positivity” that’s been written and re-written every six months since Arrested Development appeared on the scene in the early 90s. But in a long line of such bad […]

Tsunami blog….

28 Jan
Tsunami blog....

I usually make every effort to keep the day job separate from the arts and music world, but I encourage you to check out a blog I set up recently for NYSUT President Tom Hobart, documenting his efforts to help students and teachers in tsunami-ravaged Indonesia and Sri Lanka.