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VIDEO: ‘Better’ Parts 1 and 2

28 Nov

One song. Two versions. Two videos. BETTER – Part One Blerd Youth’s ‘Sucking of Your Soul’ Mix I was writing a song over the summer. A voice in my head kept taunting me, telling me that the song was stupid and irrelevant, that I was writing the way people wrote songs 30 years ago.┬áDinosaur. You […]

VIDEO: ‘When’

04 Nov
when my time comes...

This is the first of five (or seven) new music videos. Sort of a sequel to the “Basement Live” project. Except this time, they let me out of the basement. “When” first appeared on the “Ones and Zeros” album in 2002. This looptastic a cappella mix was recorded live and outside on a Sunday afternoon […]