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The Coolest 11-Year-Old on the Planet

29 Jun

A few of my favorite Mike moments, in no particular order. Sh’mon. Who’s Lovin’ You?Ed Sullivan Show. 1969. Coolest 11-year-old on the planet. Got to Be There/Brand New ThingHoly crap. Motown audition.James Brown split at 2:20. He was 10. Billie JeanMotown 25th Anniversary. James Brown passes the torch to Mike. And Prince.History on tape. With […]

"Will You Take Me As I Am?" Celebrating Joni with Michelle Mercer

15 Jun
will you take me as i am joni mitchell

The event was fabulous, really an honor and a pleasure to take part. Thanks to Les for suggesting little ol’ moi; Linda and Michael and everyone at the Northshire for hospitality and a kick-ass store; Rosanne for being there and just for being Rosanne; and especially to the ever-fascinating Michelle, whose stories we could have […]