Hired gunslinging, revisited

14 Aug

arlene's grocery

I busted out the Telecaster again to fill in on lead guitar for good ol’ Mario Sevayega last night at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC.

Bobbi Rae played the hell out of the drums.

Malcolm Gold (pictured above rockin’ the iPhone) played the hell out of the bass.

Bryan Thomas frantically tried to catch up.

Over the course of the evening we laughed about Boondocks, Bernie Mac, getting stuck on the FDR (“You have no options”), and a million other things. Including ourselves.

Before the show we made an impromptu trip around the corner to the Living Room and stumbled onto Theresa Andersson‘s soul crushing set, which included this song. Just like that. 700,000 hits and climbing. Did I mention that it was soul crushing?

Also: Mario’s cousin was in the house for our set. She was very sweet. In fact, everyone in Mario’s crew last night was very cool.

Good times y’all.