Update: And 2 demos became 4…

22 Sep

Two Four super rough demos for y’all.

lady macSTICKY. Believe it or not, this is a co-write with a 4-year-old. We were in the car after her first soccer game and Zoe, post-popsicle, was washing her hands with a wet-wipe. Out of nowhere she blurted out the main melody for the verse and the chorus, all at once, with that curious off-beat: “Give me another wipe: I’m still sticky, my hands are still sticky!” I raced home, grabbed the Tele, and turned it into Lady Macbeth. If you picture Lady Mac being played by the current First Lady instead of Dame Judy I won’t hold it against you. The beat box was killing me in a bad way – so I remixed without. I would go all Macbeth on Duncan with someone to be able to do this with a real band. Oh well.

BOOMCHICKA. Jean Luc’s been looking for the muse. Julia’s been looking for the muse. And her name is Jennifer. Where she been hiding? She ain’t been turning tricks downtown again, has she? Ashes to ashes, funk to funky – we know Jenny’s just a junkie. My hand drumming is worse than the beat box. Oh well.

DREAMSONG. This groove came to me in a dream (duh). About a year ago. As a mother was chasing me through a mall with her young child. I was racing to get to my little MP3 recorder. And then I woke up. There’s a sleepy version of me trying to re-create the groove with my mouth saved on my PDA, followed by me trying to make sense of the nonsense of what was going on in the dream. Somehow the mother in the dream became “Mary, Mother of God” – and, as they say in the biz, the rest wrote itself.

MIND. Another co-write with Zoe. She came up with the words and melody for the first verse about a year ago – at age 3. The rest wrote itself. 50 percent novelty song, 50 percent The Story of My Life in Two Minutes.