An evening with the Rudds, in pictures

13 Jun

BT and J-Po
Photo documentation of the Abbey Lounge fun is all at the webcam right about now. Thanks to the Fluttr Effect friends for the flowers, Mercy James Gang for the CD and laughs, Thirsty for pushin’ me, Carl for making things easy (once again), and to J-Po for rockin’ my rock world.

Johnny slipped me a preview of Get the Femuline Hang On Friday night, and I’ve been saving the inaugural headphone listen for tomorrow’s morning run. I expect to be very, very jealous by the third track in. Wish me luck.

Update Monday June 13: Did I say by track 3? Try the first verse of track 1. Johnny Potato just gets better and better. Femuline is a rock ‘n soul response to everything that’s wrong with the radio today – without being retro or reactionary. It’s knowing how to steal while lesser artists just imitate. It’s smart without being smug, funny without being a joke, sad without being self-pitying, loud when it needs to be loud, soft when it needs to be soft, and ripping your heart out no matter what the volume.

John Powhida’s heroes could learn a lot from the creature they’ve spawned.