On the plate, of late

03 Mar

I know the listing on the “Shows” page is a little slim. As in no nada nuthin’. But there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Here’s what I’ll be working on the next few weeks:

  • Recording the final two songs for the “Spy Love Box” EP;
  • Inventing some songs to layer on top of drum tracks Mr. Dan Sorensen has laid down for a collaborative project with Frank Moscowitz and several local songwriters and musicians;
  • Inventing a theme/score for my brother Jason’s latest video short;
  • Finally getting Jason’s video short “Famous” online;
  • Some your-work-is-never-done tweaks under the hood of the site;
  • Lining up the ducks for an official release of “Spy Love Box;”
  • and, um, Babylon video stuff as it comes in.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress at this very web site. Yes indeed.