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September 2003

Nashville New Music Conference 2003

With Earl Patrick, Amy Speace, Collider, and many many more.

bry at caffeine nashville

From the showcase at Caffeine. Great night, great room.

thomas, patrick and adrian belew

That's me, Earl and some guy named Adrian Belew, who plays the guitar for a little Nashville-based combo named King Crimson.

earl patrick and amy speace

Rock stars Amy Speace and Earl Patrick. Not necessarily in that order.

collider at the end nashville

Collider rocks the The End.

stroller at exit-in nashville

Stroller at the Exit/In.

earl patrick at pub of love

Earl Patrick shows the love at Pub of Love.

pub of love

The good crowd made up for the weak ass sound system at the Pub of Love.

jaren johnson

Jaren Johnson at the Pub.

amy speace

Amy at the first of her 300 showcases that week.

speace and burch

Legendary songwriter Fred Burch serenades Amy Speace with his song "Big Big World." Burch is perhaps best known for co-writing Patsy Cline's "Strange" with Mel Tellis.

speace, burch and friends

charlie cheney

The brains behind the Indie Band Manager showcase at the conference hotel - Charlie Cheney.

earl and jed

Jed explains to Earl the difference between two pixels to the left and two pixels to the right.

ken johnson

Ken Johnson sacrifices $85 in parking tickets and towing fees - all in the name of rocking the hotel lounge.


bryan thomas

bryan thomas

evie nicole

Evie Nicole gets the giggles.


The bouncers keep the riff-raff out.

lauren fox, greg fine, andy stack

Lauren Fox, Greg Fine and Andy Stack.

woody russell

Talking shop with Austin's Woody Russell.

bry bry


We'll get a check from them eventually.

Bryan Thomas | Soul Rock | Singer Songwriter