Bryan Thomas | Soul Rock | Singer Songwriter

September 2003

Nashville New Music Conference 2002

With Mario Sevayega, Earl Patrick, Charlie Cheney, Valerie Delacruz, BR549 and many, many more.

THURSDAY October 10, 2002

bry at the basement the basement the basement

Uncle F-cker at Blue Sky Court

uncle fucker uncle fucker uncle fucker

Derek McKeith at Moe'ka

derek mckeith moe'ka

The Rugs at 12th and Porter the rugs 12th and porter

12th and Porter fun with the Uncle F-cker gang

patrick anandi mario anandi mario patrick

FRIDAY October 11, 2002

Bryan Thomas, Anandi, Jeff Coffey at the Tin Roof

bry bry anandi and john anandi jeff coffey bry and anandi bry and val

Ken Johnson Band at Wolfy's

ken johnson band ken johnson band bry and ken the posse patrick and bry

On Broadway

broadway nashville broadway nashville dancing ooops! ooops!

Late Night at 12th and Porter, Pub of Love

anandi earl sam bry and ? mario and ken the posse punk clown fool soul rock mofo

SATURDAY ctober 12, 2002

Valerie Delacruz at Wolfy's

wolfys valerie and willie valerie and willie valerie and david hughes the posse

Rachael Sage at Wolfy's

rachael sage and band rachael sage wolfys crowd wolfys crowd rachael and band

And now, ladies and gentleman...

The Hillbilly All Stars (a.k.a. BR549 and Friends) at the Bluegrass Inn

br549 br549 br549 mario and br549 rachael and earl dancing crowd yuks it up dancers the all stars br549 with larry crowd dancing mario and chuck don and charlie mario earl bry patrick

SUNDAY... airport farewells

tom kyler mario bry

Bryan Thomas | Soul Rock | Singer Songwriter