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June 10, 2000

Black Rock Coalition Showcase

CBGB. New York City.

Beautiful night. Beautiful music. Beautiful peeps in the house. Much thanx to Laronda and everyone at the Black Rock Coalition for asking us to share in their Black Music Month celebration. Special props to Matt Loiacono and T. Malachi Price for the funk. Peace.

Celebrate Black Music Month with the Black Rock Coalition Saturday, June 10 at New York City's legendary CBGB's. With Bandroid. The Steve Clarke Band. Shosanna. Jared Booty. And some guy named Bryan Thomas rocking out with his new band. Plus extra special guests - on the stage and in the house. Plus YOU. It's gonna be some shit, yo.


The Black Rock Coalition (BRC) represents a united front of musically and politically progressive Black artists and supporters. The BRC was founded in the fall of 1985 in New York City with the purpose of creating an atmosphere conducive to the maximum development, exposure and acceptance of Black alternative music. The BRC seeks to foster cooperation among musicians and like organizations through networking and sharing resources.


With the exception of the Cavern in Liverpool, England (the early home of the Beatles, among others), no other club has had as great an impact on the history of rock and roll as CBGB. Opened in 1973, CBGB is one of the birthplaces of punk rock - a movement owner Hilly Kristal helped foster when he began booking "fringe" acts like Television, Blondie, Talking Heads, and the Ramones. More than 25 years later, CBGB remains the authentic New York rock and roll institution.

Is the term "black rock" a redundancy?


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