Powhida. All smiles. 12K JPG.

The Staziaks. 3K GIF.

Powhida's Farewell.
Lark Tavern. Madison Ave. Albany NY.
Friday, May 26, 2000.

With Special Guests: Crabapple and Bryan Thomas

Like, adios, amigos: we bid the Staz farewell tonite. Great show all around. More stuff to come soon, y'all, but right now, I gotta go catch a plane to Nawlunhs..

In the meantime: ponder the pretty pretty interim pictures and the pretty pretty Powhida pages below. (It makes ya wonder: is this here site Bry-Bry.com or Pow-Pow.com? Hmmmmm...)

Props to the Staziaks, Crabapple, Big Kathy, and everyone else for a rocking good time.

More pics coming soon...

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