Savannah's. Super 400 with Bryan and Matt. April 20, 2000.

Super 400 has always kicked my butt. Great players. Great songs. Kenny's lead work makes me appreciate the guitar solo all over again (and in case you overlooked it, he sings his ass off, too). Lori's bass locks the groove so deep and so well that often when I was laying down bass tracks on Jennifer I would stop and ask myself: "What would Lori do here?" Then there's Joe: the glue. Pulling it all together. And making it look easy. Extending the jam here and there, sure, but never for the sake of the jam: always for the sake of the song.

No disappointments from the Super 400 kids on this nite. Back in Albany after a five month absence with old faves - and new faves, too. Bonus: the "soon to be departing for Boston" John Powhida of Staziaks fame helped 'em close out the nite by taking the mic to rock out the Velvet's "Sweet Jane." (Again!). Reading the lyrics off his arm. Classic John. "Sweet" John.

And our set? I wish my vocals would have been all the way there - I hit the notes, but I didn't feel like I was nailing them. Matt said he felt restrained, worried that the drums would overpower everything. Yet going back over the video the next day, it sounded pretty tight. In some ways, I think the restraint helped us. All good. And of course, having Pow-Pow kick the backup vocal on Six was a nice way to end our set. "Ugly swimmin' women." Cool.

All in all, good times. Good peeps. Good tunes. Good fun. Much props to Super 400 (and Savannah's) for having us.



[Albany, NY. April 13, 2000] - - - Hard rock meets soul rock when SUPER 400 and special guest BRYAN THOMAS descend upon Savannah's for an evening of great music Thursday, April 20, 2000, at 9:00 p.m.

The mighty SUPER 400 - guitarist Kenny Hohman, bassist Lori Friday and drummer Joe Daley - recently returned to local clubs after taking a brief hiatus from live performance to write new songs. They've also been recording demos with Jack Daley handling production duties (Joe's brother Jack is perhaps best known for his high-profile gig as bass player for rocker Lenny Kravitz). The time off has paid off, and Super 400's set at Savannah's will include some of the brand new tunes as well as favorites from their self-titled debut album.

It's going to be a busy spring for BRYAN THOMAS and drummer Matt Loiacono: they'll hit the stage at Savannah's upon returning from an acoustic showcase at NEMO Boston (which Newsday calls "the premier music industry conference and showcase in the Northeast"). They're also rehearsing with bassist Taylor Price for a special Joni Mitchell Tribute Show this May in New Orleans, with Jason Marsalis, Continental Drifters, David Lahm, and others. In between? Appearances in Albany at the Lionheart (4/23 and 5/14) and Borders (5/12).

Savannah's is at 1 South Pearl Street in Albany and it's always a good hang. The cost of admission to Thursday's show is to be announced. Call the club for more information at 426-9647.

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