NEMO Boston 2000. Acoustic Showcase. April 14, 2000.

Attending music conferences and industry showcases are really all about learning.

Here's what beatmaster Matt learned when we kicked it to Boston for the Acoustic Showcase at NEMO 2000.

  1. roy rogers dinner for two should not cost $17.26

  2. roy rogers should not even be allowed on thruways, turnpikes and the south.

  3. famous producer/musician nile rogers has a nice watch.

  4. bring your own snackwells to the swissotel - they cost $3.00.

  5. the view isn't always so nice from the eighth floor.

  6. NYC subways, bald guy with goatee - Gonzalo Silva will absolutely kill you with his songs. everyone in the room was floored. thank you gonzalo.

  7. you know there's problems when you wait in line longer to get into the club than you stay at the club.

  8. deli haus is yum.