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VIDEO: “Bigger”

17 Sep
bigger video guitar

This is the new music video for Albany, New York soul rocker Bryan Thomas’ song “Bigger”. The home brew video shows Thomas recording the song during an all-night session in his tiny basement studio. Vocals, guitars and bass were recorded live in front of the camera in a single take for each track. The video […]

VIDEO: ‘Better’ Parts 1 and 2

28 Nov

One song. Two versions. Two videos. BETTER – Part One Blerd Youth’s ‘Sucking of Your Soul’ Mix I was writing a song over the summer. A voice in my head kept taunting me, telling me that the song was stupid and irrelevant, that I was writing the way people wrote songs 30 years ago. Dinosaur. You […]

VIDEO: ‘When’

04 Nov
when my time comes...

This is the first of five (or seven) new music videos. Sort of a sequel to the “Basement Live” project. Except this time, they let me out of the basement. “When” first appeared on the “Ones and Zeros” album in 2002. This looptastic a cappella mix was recorded live and outside on a Sunday afternoon […]