VIDEO: ‘Better’ Parts 1 and 2

28 Nov

One song. Two versions. Two videos.

BETTER – Part One

Blerd Youth’s ‘Sucking of Your Soul’ Mix

I was writing a song over the summer. A voice in my head kept taunting me, telling me that the song was stupid and irrelevant, that I was writing the way people wrote songs 30 years ago. Dinosaur. You don’t get it, old man, the voice said. “You don’t get it old man,” I sang, out loud. So I started to write THAT song instead. And now there’s a video. Performed by the voice in my head – a young man named Blerd T. Blipster. The big ass rock, your shit is just a pebble.

BETTER – Part Two

Old Man Says ‘Get Offa My Lawn’ Mix

Of course, I couldn’t let Blerd have the last word. Nay, the only word. So this is the impassioned response by the old man in my head. One Efraim I. Lonn. Cuz if you need to get somebody to set a young man straight, you betta get Efraim I. Lonn. And for the looptastic can’t-we-all-get-along ending I swung a little lower than Dre and P-Funk and went to the source: the Golden Gate Quartet. It seems every song I write these days outros in Old Negro Spiritual Mode. #sonofapreacherman

For the gear blerds: Guitars: Fender Telecaster Deluxe, Fernandes Monterey Elite. Pedals include Pigtronix Infinity, Pigtronix Philosopher’s Twin, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Boss Super Octave. Mics: Shure SM7 and Shure Super 55. Audio: Logic Pro X. Video: Canon Vixia G10, Canon Vixia S10, GoPro 3+ Black.


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