31 Jan

SMASH TO PIECES is 5 new songs from Albany soul rocker Bryan Thomas and his band the Buggy Jive.

smash to piecesIf you’re reading this, it means that Bryan has finally worked up the nerve to make SMASH TO PIECES available online.

Pick your poison: discs or downloads.

The Buggy Jive is: BT (lead vox, acoustic guitar); JENNIFER (electric guitar); CLEOPATRA JOANZ (bass); LADY MAC (snare, hat, kick).

All songs by Bryan Thomas.

Cover design by Jean-Luc for, based on a photograph by Jason Thomas.

Recorded in a warm hole full of light somewhere in Delmar, NY.

Mastered by Larry DeVivo, Silvertone Mastering, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Produced by Dewitt Chyo Damseph for WT3 Records.

SMASH TO PIECES. Copyright 2011 Radical Plastical Music and WT3 Records. All rights reserved.

Choo-choo train, choo-choo train.

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