CRUMBS Nite Out pics + Why Can't I Be You?

03 Nov

Thanks to everyone who made CRUMBS Nite Out at the Linda so much fun.

FLICKR: Set | Slideshow

Photos by BT, Rob Jonas and Rich Krissel.

Why Can’t I Be You?

Wondering what I covered Friday night at the “Why Can’t I Be You” show?

“Immunity,” by the great Katie Haverly.

Didn’t get a recording of the actual set… maybe I’ll post an MP3 of the rehearsal.

And to hit the Way Back Machine, here’s a list of the artists and songs I’ve destroyed over the years:

1. (2001)
Rosanne Raneri “I Won’t Show Me”

2. (2003)
Super 400 – “Cause”
Matthew Loiacono – “Mission”

3. (2005)
Dan Wilcox – “Baghdad/Albany” (poem)
MotherJudge – “Woman of Mystery”

4. (2006)
John Powhida/The Rudds – “F-sharp over C”
Troy Pohl/Kamikaze Hearts – “Tornadoes”

5. (2008)
Katie Haverly – “Immunity”

And here’s the pretty photo documentation.

(Sorry… I gots nothing from Show #5.)

Cheers y’all,