'My hole is warm and full of light'

28 Jul

the studio

I’m happily rockin’ the dinosaur digital workstation in an undisclosed location in Delmar. The recording is going more quickly than I’d imagined. I even came up with a brand new song this weekend – “City” – and start to finish, it’s all done.

Did I mention that even with a faux kit I’m the world’s worst drummer?

Of the 12 or so I’ve recorded, 7 make the cut. The new one bumped another track – zero sum game. A better song and a better fit – the lyrics link together tracks 2 and 7 quite nicely.

1. Muse
2. Lights
3. Sticky
4. Sam
5. Kick
6. City
7. MotherJudge

Short, you say?

I like to think it’s efficient.

I’m looking to document the pre-recording creative process for “City” while it’s still fresh in my mind. I’ll post a rough timeline of how it came together just as soon as I can have my head surgically removed from my navel.

Here’s a hint.