Live in Woodstock

03 Jul

colony cafe

Thanks to all who came out to the Colony Cafe in Woodstock last night for an evening of musical mayhem with two geniuses named Brian Dewan and Jed Davis… plus little ol’ me.

And thanks again to Brian and Jed for havin’ me.

PS: Speaking of Woodstock, here’s a little something from almost exactly 10 years ago:

Anymore | Download MP3 – 5MB

weiland ny postNext day Tuesday open mic nite Woodstock Tinker Town.
Levon’s setlist beneath the glass, it should be inspiration.
Applause is good tonite but soon it’s gone, I’m all alone.
Driving back up 87. It’s masturbation.

It’s getting too late. I’m getting less alive.
It’s getting too late. Tomorrow back to nine to five.

Tomorrow smothers.

What the hell’d I come here for?

I don’t need to be here anymore.

BT at colony cafe

Photo by Jed.