Saluting him – yet again – when his birthday comes

24 May

Round up the usual suspects: Here’s pix from the 10th Annual Dylan Celebration, which went down at Union College’s Old Chapel Thursday night:

Admittedly pix were an afterthought for me that night: I spent most of the evening listening and hanging with friends. Fancy that. Wish I’d swapped out the zoom for the wide angle, gotten a nice overhead shot of the room, included more of the performers on the bill, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, life goes on.

While I’m sharing: I dug up this rehearsal of the song I performed, captured with the little MP3 recorder about a month ago.

Mozambique (rehearsal) | Download MP3 – 6MB

Props again to Dale, Mr. Eck, Mr. Haymes, and everyone else who kicked my butt that night.

(NOTE: This entire post was created by typing with only one hand while holding a certain sleepy 7-week-old in the other. God bless keyboard shortcuts.)