Live Saturday night with Amy Abdou and Motherjudge

02 Oct

UPDATE 1: 2 demos + 2 demos = 4 rough demos to hold you over.

UPDATE 2: Pix from the show are online at The Hidden City.

amy abdou

Mark your calendar for a HiddenCity reunion of sorts Saturday night with Amy Abdou (visiting from the Netherlands) and MotherJudge at Franklin’s Tower on Broadway in Albany. My set kicks thing off around… 8ish?

And yes, you may be at the Knick that night to see some other famous rock ‘n rollers. We’ll probably still be hanging out afterwards late night if ya wanna stop by.

Sarge says:

Amsterdam Amy returns

Amy Abdou was a mover and shaker on the Capital Region music scene, almost from the time that she began singing with Hand Held Moon back in 1991. She released several sparkling albums before she relocated across the Atlantic to Amsterdam.

Well, she’s back to visit and the Amy Abdou Band will step into the spotlight at Franklin’s Tower in Albany for a homecoming performance at 8 p.m. Saturday. Opening the show will be Mitch Elrod and MotherJudge, as well as Bryan Thomas.